Best Massage Chair For Back Pain in Australia for 2024

Massage chairs for back pain in Australia are not overpriced luxury items as most people imagine them. Eastern philosophies of medicine have for ages documented the therapeutic effects massages have on the human body.

Besides providing relief after a long day, a massage session can alleviate pain and boost the body’s ability to ward off disease. Let’s take a look at how massage chairs help to alleviate back pain.

How Massage Chairs Alleviate Back Pain

Lymphatic And Venous Blood Flow

Massage chairs improve lymphatic and venous blood flow and as a result the manipulation of back muscles has been known to increase blood flow to the regions in question. Disruption in blood flow causes back pain, a temporary condition known as ischemia.

Increasing blood flow to the back muscles facilitates the circulation and absorption of crucial nutritional elements. Increasing lymphatic circulation also removes toxins out of these areas. Collectively, improved lymphatic and venous flow provides relief for back pain.

Decrease In Muscular Tension

A massage chair for back pain decreases muscle tension and improve flexibility. Massage therapy helps to loosen tight, strained muscles. Massage chairs stretch and knead the problematic areas allowing muscles to relax and consequently easing back pain.

Increase Endorphins

Massage sessions increase the body’s endorphin levels which is quite possibly the most beneficial aspect of any massage. Endorphins are defined as the natural ‘feel good’ chemicals.

Therefore, an increase in endorphin levels has been correlated with faster recovery from injuries, reduced back pain, and lowered anxiety levels. So, we can see that this increase in endorphin levels induces positive results as far as back pain is concerned.

The Best Massage Chair For Back Pain in Australia

As demonstrated, a standard massage chair for back pain provides effective pain relief. The relief is permanent making massage chairs a widely sought after solution for back pain. Below is a short roundup of massage chairs and features used to treat back pain.


Brand – Real Relax

Model – Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system, with Heater.

Massage Chair For Back Pain Zero Gravity

The design on this massage chair can be described as being nothing short of revolutionary. The chair is loaded with a variety of features that are designed to deliver a relaxing massage experience possible as the name suggests.

In addition to a full-body massage, the user is treated to a host of other unique features that include air massage features, VR support and more.

Below is a summary of the specifications you can look forward to in a chair competing for the top spot of best massage chair under 1000 and massage chair for back pain in 2024.

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Real Relax Features

Massage Chair For Back PainAir Massage

The Real Relax massage chair boasts a total of 35 airbags that work to give the user a very relaxing massage experience. The airbags are strategically placed over the shoulder, arms, seat, and leg regions, consequently helping to ease fatigue and chronic pain. The air massage feature positions this model as the best massage chair under $$$$.

Shiatsu Massage

The Real Relax massage chair does an excellent job of giving the user shiatsu massage. The airbags are well distributed throughout the chair so that they align well with the body’s meridians. As well as this, it means that specific attention is placed on the user’s vital points.

For a massage chair for back pain in 2024, the shiatsu massage feature is a welcome addition. Such is the quality expected from a model competing for the title of best massage chair under $$$$.

Massage Chair For Back Pain Best On The MarketZero Gravity Reclining Options

This massage chair for back pain is among the few models in its class and price range that come accompanied by the zero gravity reclining feature. The zero gravity recline function places the user in a gravity-neutral position which takes pressure off the spinal column, therefore easing back pain and lowering high blood pressure.

Massage Chair For Back PainHeated Massages

This massage chair for back pain is one among a few models that come equipped with heated roller heads placed along the back and the seat. Heat is a powerful method for easing muscle tension and relieving chronic back and lower back pain, making this chair especially relevant.

Upholstery And Color Options

The Real Relax massage chair is upholstered in faux leather and is available in Blue, Black and also Khaki.

Price And Assembly

The Real Relax massage chair goes for $$$. Taking into consideration the features it offers, $$$ is rather a bargain. The chair is shipped in two parts that are easy to assemble.


As far as warranties go, the Real Relax massage chair comes accompanied by a year’s worth of warranty and full coverage of the chair’s parts over the duration of the same period which is characteristic of the best massage chair under 1000. This means you don’t need to send the chair to the manufacturer for repairs.

Real Relax Pros And Cons

Real Relax Pros
  • The massage chair for back pain offers both compression and percussion type-massages. These features improve the users’ flexibility, the posture of the legs and overall mobility.
  • The chair’s rollers have a motion range reaching all the way down to the tailbone area. This is a great feature for alleviating chronic lower back pain.
  • The massage chair for back pain features adjustable air massage modes that can be varied to suit different massage needs. The chair also comes with varied massage intensity settings making it the Best massage chair under 1000.
Real Relax Cons
  • After the warranty period has elapsed, the massage chair for back pain is very likely to malfunction. This raises serious concerns about the quality of build.

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Brand – Kahuna

Model – LM6800 – Space-Saving, Zero-Gravity, Full-Body With Yoga & Heating Therapy.

Massage Chair For Back Pain

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is an excellent buy for the budge-wary shopper. Ranked as the best home massage chair for back pain, the LM6800’s makers went above and beyond in the chair’s design and features. Below is a roundup of what you can look forward to;

Kahuna  LM6800 Features


The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair for back pain goes for a retail price of $$$$. For its price, the LM6800 boasts features that compete on the same level as a majority of the best home massage chairs for back pain.

LM6800 Best Massage Chair For Back PainZero Gravity Reclining

The zero gravity positioning feature allows the user to recline weightlessly at a Zero-G position where the legs are on the same level or higher than the heart.

This position is ideal for relieving stress on the body, lowering high blood pressure and allowing for a more relaxed massage experience. Most massage chairs for back pain feature this function as a standard.

Yoga Program

A larger majority of the best home massage chair for back pain brands feature this unique function. The LM6800’s Yoga feature works by gently massaging and stretching your entire body simultaneously. The stretching feature is quite effective in correcting posture problems making it perhaps the most popular feature.

Massage Chair For Back PainL-Track Massage Feature

The L-Track massage feature is a system of continuous roller tracks that run from the head down to the hamstrings. This separates it from the conventional S-Track system that stops at the lower back position. The L-Track feature provides a true full-body massage with 35% more coverage compared to S-Track systems.

Air Massage

The LM6800 is equipped with 36 airbags located in the shoulder, arms, and, hip area. The airbag massage feature provides relief for muscle tension and chronic pain among other conditions. The air massage mode allows the airbags to inflate and deflate separately for effective stretching.

Massage Chair For Back PainHeat Therapy

The Kahuna LM6800 has a lower back and calf heat therapy feature that addresses chronic pain symptoms. Heat expands blood vessels improving circulation in the afflicted regions. The best home massage chair models recognize the importance of heat in massages and therefore is a standard feature in most.

Upholstery And Colors

The LM6800 is upholstered in grade “A” synthetic leather. The chair is available in either khaki or beige colors.

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Kahuna LM6800 Pros And Cons

LM6800 Pros
  • The LM6800 features six automatic Massage Programs which are a bonus considering most competing models in this class only have four. The programs include Rejuvenate, yoga, SV-Chiro, Relax, Deep Tissue, and Stretching.
  • Space savings: The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair for back pain is designed to provide extreme space savings such that it only needs five inches of space from a wall to execute the Zero-G feature.
  • The aftersales support for this massage chair for back pain is excellent. The manufacturer provides comprehensive after-sales-support in case of any malfunctions.
LM6800 Cons
  • The Kahuna LM6800 weighs a hefty 220 pounds. You may require an extra pair of hands to move it around. The chair also requires professional help assembling it. Putting it together isn’t task you can achieve by yourself.

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Brand – Medical Breakthrough

Model – 4 Massage Chair Recliner

Best Massage Chair For Back Pain

This massage chair for back pain is among the highest rated chairs in the market. It is designed to address certain physical and emotional conditions that include back pain, insomnia, and others.

Medical Breakthrough Features

Advanced L-Track

L-track roller technology is designed to deliver a full body massage experience to the user via sets of vertically positioned rollers that mimic human hands.

The L-shape massage is executed by a total of four separate massage rollers, each of which works to contour the users idiosyncratic back-frame making it the ideal massage chair for back pain in Australia.

Massage Chair For Back PainSpace-saving Zero Gravity Feature

The zero-gravity recline feature integrated into this massage chair is useful for users who wish to attain physical recovery as far as chronic back pains are concerned. The zero gravity feature also lowers blood pressure while saving you space. The feature allows the chair to be reclined in a gravity-neutral position with minimal backspace.

Air Massage

The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair for back pain comes equipped with a series of airbags. Which provides a full-body massage experience. The user can choose between the choice of a full body massage or targeted airbag massage within the armrest or the leg regions.

The user can also choose from three intensity settings. Acupressure massage techniques are known to offer much-needed relief for chronic back pain.

Massage Chair For Back PainCustom Massage Settings

This chair offers the user a sheer total of six different preset massage settings. A variety of massage techniques ranging from kneading, Shiatsu, flapping, rolling, and knocking or a combination of any two methods can be created in the customized massage settings, hence putting the user in control of their massage.

The user can choose upper body massage techniques to target specific areas which will help to provide relief to problematic areas.

Chiropractic Backstretch

This chair offers spinal decompression by gently stretching the back. This method is widely revered for its ability to provide immediate and lasting relief for chronic back pain. Any massage chair for back pain in 2024 should incorporate a backstretch feature.

Massage Chair For Back PainUpholstery

The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair is upholstered in high-quality synthetic leather and is currently available in black.


The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair is available for purchase at a consideration of $2,599.00 (at the time of writing this article)

Medical Breakthrough Pros And Cons

Medical Breakthrough Pros
  • This massage chair comes equipped with a highly efficient heating system. Which targets the lower back region providing relief for lower back pain.
  • The calf and foot massage option entails deep tissue massage rollers that deliver an effective and therapeutic massage experience.
  • The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner is accompanied by a 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor.
Medical Breakthrough Cons
  • The chair weighs a humongous 200 pounds making it almost impossible for one person to move it around, so you want to have it in a spot where it won’t need to be moved.

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