Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Review for 2023

Our Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review will guide you, step by step, through the features and benefits of this chair.

The best part?

You will have the confidence to make an informed decision as to whether this is the right chair for your needs.

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I will highlight how it is one of the best medical massage chairs on the market and has FDA approval.

But first, who is the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair designed for?

Kahuna LM6800 Review

Might you or a loved one be suffering from chronic back pain, sports-related injury or general fatigue? Well, the remedy could be as simple as a therapeutic massage without the need for any medical intervention.

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is an excellent pick for the budge-wary buyer. It is an affordable massage chair at only $$$$.

Kahuna LM6800 is listed among the top power recliner shiatsu massage chairs with heat and massage options. And more features designed to enhance the process of natural healing.


Who Is The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Designed For?

This feature-rich massage chair is ideal for casual users, chronic pain sufferers, and tall individuals who have a hard time finding massage chairs that fit.

The chair is an inexpensive, way to get immediate relief from chronic pain and is also big on space savings.

As far as height goes, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is built with taller people in mind.

Most massage chairs are manufactured in Asian countries where the average height falls bellows the six-foot mark.

The LM6800 is built 46 inches by 31 inches by 48 inches meaning it can accommodate an individual as tall as 6’6”.

This is made possible by an extendable ottoman; an extension module that can be adjusted by about five inches, to accommodate taller users. This opens up the chair to an even bigger segment of the market.

The chair is FDA registered which says a lot about its therapeutic properties. It has been described by some industry experts as being “the best medical massage chair”.

LM6800 Kahuna Massage Chair FDA Approved

Kahuna LM6800 Benefits And Features

There are a lot of features offered by this affordable massage chair. Some top, most-sought-after features include the likes of zero gravity massage chair options, heated massages and more. Take a look below.

Zero Gravity Seating:

The zero-G seating feature allows the user to recline weightlessly at a zero gravity position where the legs are higher or on the same level as the heart.

This position is ideal for relieving stress on the body, lowering high blood pressure and allowing for a more relaxed massage experience.

Most massage chairs for back pain feature this function as a standard.

 LM6800 Kahuna 3 inch Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design:

A common problem associated with most massage chairs relates to the amount of space they occupy.

In full recline position, the Kahuna LM6800 chair slides bringing the bottom part towards the front portion and hence saving space.

The chair requires no more than 3 inches of space between the back of the chair and a wall to fully recline to the Zero-G positions.


3D Body Scan:

The chair features an automated method of re-positioning the massage rollers making sure they accurately hit the pressure points.

Before a massage, the chair scans the user’s body and makes adjustments based on the body shape and type.

This allows for a custom massage experience since massages are not one-size fits all kind of thing. This Kahuna massage chair also allows the user to manually fine-tune the position of the rollers.

The inbuilt computer won’t always hit all the pressure points but you can adjust roller positions to ensure they hit the areas you need them to.

 LM6800 Best Affordable Massage Chair

Hybrid S/L-Track Massage:

The Hybrid S/L-Track is a system of continuous roller tracks that run from the head down via the spine’s natural curve to the glutes and hamstrings. This system combines the best of both S and L tracks.

The L-Track feature provides a comprehensive massage experience that relaxes the gluteal muscles as well as the thighs.

The S track, on the other hand, aligns the rollers to follow the spinal column’s natural curve delivering a therapeutic massage that eases back pain caused by any of a variety of back problems.


Air Massage:

The Kahuna LM6800 is equipped with 36 first generation airbags located in the shoulder, arms, and, hip area.

The airbag massage feature offers a whole-body massage which provides relief for chronic back pain and muscle tension among other conditions.

The air massage mode works by inflating and deflating the airbags separately for effective stretching.

Calf And Lower Back Heat Therapy:

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair offers a lower back and calf heat therapy feature that specifically addresses symptoms of chronic lower back pain.

The heat expands the blood vessels in the lower back and calf regions improving circulation thereby helping remove built up toxins and ease pain.

The makers of this massage chair recognize the importance of heat in massage therapy and went ahead to feature it as a standard.


Dual Foot Massage Rollers:

The LM6800 is equipped with two-foot massage rollers. The dual rollers give foot and calf massages which further enhances the overall massage experience.

Foot massages improve circulation, hastening recovery from injuries and also relieves stress among other benefits.

 Kahuna Best Massage Chair For Tall Person


Types Of Massages Offered By The Kahuna LM6800

The LM6800 is a quality massage chair by all definitions and it is no surprise that it is Amazon’s choice pick for massage chairs. So, what kind of massages can you expect from this chair?

Shiatsu Massage Therapy:

Shiatsu massages are widely revered for their ability to restore the body’s vitality. The Shiatsu massage uses a combination of manual techniques that involve applying pressure along the body’s meridians.

The technique is based on oriental philosophies of medicine and holistic healing.

The chair offers shiatsu massages courtesy of the numerous airbags placed throughout the chair in positions that align well with the body’s meridians.

Special attention is placed on the user’s vital points and the addition of heat makes it even better. This type of massage is great for providing relief for various musculoskeletal, and emotional issues.


Yoga Mode:

The Yoga feature is another special massage mode offered by the LM6800. Basically, the LM6800’s Yoga feature works by gently massaging and stretching your entire body simultaneously.

The yoga feature just is made possible by the action of the airbags inflating and deflating. The yoga stretching feature is quite effective in correcting posture problems by decreasing spinal compression.

Gentle stretching of back muscles also helps to alleviate chronic back pain.


Kahuna LM6800 With shiatsu massage chair with heating option


This is a type of massage technique where the pressure is applied in circular motions on the skin and the underlying parts. Kneading is particularly effective in providing relief to sore muscles. The LM6800 performs well in this type of massage.


This is another type of Petrissage movement offered by the LM6800 which is similar to kneading. It involves manipulation of soft tissues. It is commonly used on the back, abdomen and the thighs.


Tapping is a type of massage technique that is much gentler and is usually performed for relatively short periods of time.

Kneading And Tapping Combination:

The LM6800 also offers a combined kneading and tapping massage mode. Which is used to break down the tension on the back.

As well as inducing the two techniques combined, it decreases pain via gentle motions, while at the same applying burst pulses on the back region.

Massage Zone Option

With the click of a button, you can choose between whole body massages or a massage session that is focused on a specific area of your body.

This feature allows you to switch between partial, fixed point and whole body massage. Adjusting from spot to partial is easy to do.

For instance, the shoulder air massage mode addresses that specific region. Then proceeds by gently inflating and deflating which compresses and relaxes the region.

Surprisingly Simple Remote Control

In a chair with this many unique features, there has to be a bit of a learning curve. However, with the Kahuna LM6800, the manufacturers did an excellent job with the design of the easy-to-use remote.

Despite the large and almost overwhelming number of features and customization options available, all the settings, custom features and toggles are clearly and logically laid out on the remote.

You won’t have any trouble locating the controls you need to make your massage experience that much better. In a matter of minutes, you can be well on your way to enjoying your first custom massage.

With just a couple hours of fiddling and playing around with the various settings on the remote, you’ll have the massage chair mastered. By all definitions, that is quite a feat, considering the number of options that are available!

Kahuna LM6800 Easy To Use Remote Control

LM6800 Upholstery

The Kahuna LM6800 is upholstered in grade “A” synthetic leather. This quality massage chair is made in either khaki or beige colors. The texture of the leather aesthetics holds for quite a while even with heavy usage.

Warranty And After Sales Support

As far as warranty is concerned, the LM6800 comes with  1 full year’s worth of warranty. In the first year of the warranty, the buyer bears absolutely no costs should the chair malfunction.

There is an additional 3-year limited warranty on parts, labor, and the chair’s structural framework.

The Kahuna massage chair’s manufacturer also offers a 30-day return policy with a cash back guarantee. The after sales support offered on this massage chair is also quite good.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Features Review

Kahuna LM6800 Pros And Cons

As with any top-ranked affordable, home massage chair, consumer impressions are an important tool that helps to shed light on some aspects the manufacturers excelled at, and a few others they fell short on.

Below is a short roundup of the pros and cons of this electric massage chair.

 Lm6800 Pros
  • The Kahuna LM6800 features six automatic Massage Programs which are a welcome addition considering most competing models in this class only have four. The programs include Rejuvenate, yoga, SV-Chiro, Relax, Deep Tissue, and Stretching.
  • Space savings: The Kahuna LM6800 is designed to provide extreme space savings such that it only needs 3 inches of space from a wall to execute the Zero-G feature.
  • The aftersales support for this massage chair is excellent. The manufacturer provides comprehensive after-sales-support in case of any malfunctions.
  • The price of the LM6800 gives you more bang for your buck. The massage chair offers features that compete with the best home massage chair models.
LM6800 Cons
  • The Kahuna LM6800 weighs a hefty 220 pounds. You may require an extra pair of hands to move it around.
  • The chair requires professional help assembling it. Putting it together isn’t a task you’re recommended to attempt. Without expert help, it is unlikely you can achieve this by yourself.
  • The quality of the foot massage is not as great as you would expect. The foot massage experience has been described as being extremely rough.
  • The LM6800 is a tad bit too noisy. For a soothing, calming massage session, the last thing you need is noise coming from your home massage chair.

Kahuna Massage Chair Amazon Rating And Reviews

The Kahuna LM6800 is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon after 108 customer reviews making it Amazon’s choice pick.

Kahuna Massage Chair FAQ

Q: How much does this massage chair cost?

A: The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair goes for a retail price of $$$$ and $$$$ for the White Glove service.

Making the Kahuna LM6800 one of the best affordable massage chairs in the 2023 market.

The White Glove service entails delivery of the massage chair to your house and assembly.

For $$$$, the delivery company brings the massage chair to your front door leaving you to worry about the rest.

The $$$$ White Glove Service covers the costs of buying the chair and having it not only delivered to your front door but moved inside your house and assembled for you.

Q: How often should you use a massage chair?

A: There is no real limit to how often you can use this massage chair. Massages are meant to be therapeutic and relaxing to your body meaning you can use the LM6800 as often as you like.

Q: Is using a massage chair when pregnant safe?

A: Yes, it is quite safe for pregnant women to use the Kahuna LM6800. Despite numerous claims that stimulation of pressure points in the back region can cause preterm labor, no evidence has come up to support this claim.

The unborn baby is kept safe in amniotic fluid which absorbs any vibrations.

Q: What is the massage chair yoga stretching feature?

A: In the yoga stretch mode, the chair reclines to an almost horizontal position. The ottoman also comes up to a horizontal position.

The airbags inflate around the calves and hold them tightly, the ottoman then goes down thus tractioning the whole body.

The rollers start to roll up and down the spine essentially “stretching” it relieving any tension.

Q: How do massage chairs work?

A: Massage chairs have massage rollers and heads that provide the person sitting in it the sensation of receiving a massage.

Some chairs have vibrating elements, heating elements and more. Others contain complex components such as airbags designed to mimic a human massage therapist’s techniques.

Q: What is the zero gravity massage chair feature?

A: The zero gravity feature involves reclining the chair in a position where the user’s legs are placed in a position above or on the same level as the heart.

In this position, the user experiences weightlessness lowering blood pressure and taking pressure off the spinal column.

Q: Which massage chair is the best?

A: There are different considerations that contribute to the choice of a massage chair.

There are massage chairs made for different purposes such as back pain, neck pain and more.

Price factors also come into play as there are massage chairs prices that vary from very affordable to ultra-deluxe models.

Q: What types of massages do massage chairs come with?

A: The Kahuna LM6800 offers numerous massage modes. Which includes tapping, kneading, shiatsu, combination kneading and tapping, rolling, air massage modes and the yoga stretch mode.

Q: What is the 3D massage chair feature?

A: The 3D feature in the Kahuna LM6800 allows it to extend the rollers into your back and retract them back.

In addition to up and down, left and right movements 3D massage chair rollers go in and out. This allows more control over the depth of your massage.

The 3D massage feature allows you to fine-tune the massage from a soft to deep tissue massage. Which is therefore dictated by the depth the rollers can extend into your back.

Q: How much power does a massage chair use?

A: A standard massage chair uses almost the same power as your desktop computer. The total usage is inclusive of the heating elements and vibrating heads.

Q: Will the massage chair have a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, the Kahuna LM6800 comes with a 30-day return policy with a cash back guarantee.

Q: Do massage chairs come with a warranty?

A: The Kahuna LM6800 comes with a 1 year warranty. Which extends to an additional 3-year limited warranty on parts, labor, and the chair’s structural framework.

Q: Do massage chairs come with instructions?

A: Kahuna Massage chairs come with user manuals that detail how to use the chair.

Q: Are massage chairs user-friendly?

A: The LM6800 is very user-friendly. It comes with a user manual and an easy to use remote. Which allows you to explore the various features offered by the massage chair.

Q: What upholstery is on massage chairs?

A: Upholstery refers to the material used on the massage chair. Some materials used include leather and synthetic leather.

The Kahuna LM6800 is upholstered in grade “A” synthetic leather. Other aspects such as the color of the materials used are part of the upholstery.

Q: Can a tall person use a massage chair?

A: Yes, the LM6800 is built to accommodate persons as tall as 6’6’. This is however not a standard feature in most other massage chair brands.

Q: What is white glove delivery service?         

A: The White Glove service entails delivery of the massage chair to inside your house and its assembly. You pay a small fee on top of the chair’s price for the white glove service.