Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options in Australia

A shiatsu massage chair with heating options works to alleviate a vast array of conditions. Such as stress, muscle pain, and injuries, restoring balance, and promoting good health without pharmacological intervention.

Shiatsu is a widely-appreciated Japanese form of massage that has its origins based on ideas borrowed from traditional Chinese medicine. The massage technique is widely practiced around the globe and is famous for its health benefits.

The term “Shiatsu” literally means “finger pressure,” which describes the massage technique and sets the expectation of a Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options.

Shiatsu massage therapy uses a combination of manual techniques. These entail applying pressure, stretching, kneading, and tapping to access the areas of the body that need relief.

Health Benefits Associated With Shiatsu Massages

Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

The concept of Shiatsu massage is based on eastern philosophies of medicine, which are alternative, natural and holistic healing philosophies. One of the fundamental concepts of oriental medicine is Qi. Qi is the vital energy that underlies all proper functioning in the human body.

In a Shiatsu session, the therapist of shiatsu massage chair accesses the Qi via specific points along the body’s meridians called Vital Points. Simply put, the human body remains healthy as long as there is abundant Qi along the meridians and the flow of Qi stays unobstructed.

Shiatsu massage chairs with heating options can be used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal, and emotional conditions. It is believed to reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, and directly influence the nervous system.

A Shiatsu massage is used to address a wide range of chronic conditions which includes:

  • Headaches
  • Post-Menstrual Stress
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress & anxiety, and
  • Musculoskeletal pain, including lower back, neck, and joint pains.
Proven Shiatsu Massage Benefits
  • Improved circulation
  • Shiatsu alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Shiatsu massages provide relief from headaches
  • Promotes natural healing from sprains and sports injuries
  • Shiatsu helps to bring relief to individuals who have arthritis.
  • It eases problems such stiff necks and shoulders as well as backaches.

What To Look For In A Shiatsu Massage Chair in 2024

Buying a shiatsu massage chair with heating options can help alleviate both physical and mental exhaustion, freeing your body from aches and pains and alleviating chronic back and neck pains.

Most massage therapists and experts recommend purchasing a Shiatsu massage chair. These chairs are designed and built to provide a highly beneficial Shiatsu massage to the user.

So what do you need factor in when buying a shiatsu massage chair with heating options in Australia?

Heated Shiatsu Massage Chair Heating Options

Heat therapy is an essential feature in a typical massage session. Heat is a vital part of stimulating healing and alleviating chronic pain in the body. Make sure that your shiatsu massage chair comes included with a heating feature.

Levels Of Intensity

The perfect Shiatsu massage chair with heating options should provide an array of intensity options spread between light and strong. The lighter levels of intensity are excellent for general relaxation while the stronger massage intensity gets you Shiatsu massage or deep tissue treatment.

Warranty And Money Back Guarantee

I’ll say this upfront, a Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heating Options in 2024 will cost you an arm and a leg. It is therefore only right that your new massage chair should be accompanied by a warranty just in case something goes wrong.

Be sure to check customer service and responsiveness of the company to any arising concerns when you buy a shiatsu massage chair. Also, check if there’s money back guarantee included in the package and whether shipping tax is included.

Customizable Settings

Check to make sure that your new shiatsu massage chair has a functional reclining system. A customizable head, and footrests to accommodate different comfort settings.

Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating OptionsPerformance

The performance aspect of a shiatsu massage chair with heating options is perhaps the most critical factor you should consider when buying one. After all, you are paying for quality and results. Ensure that the massage chair’s motors, rollers, and airbags deliver all the therapeutic massage techniques:

  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Compression
  • Percussion that characterize a shiatsu massage session.

Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options Benefits

The heating option is made possible by the addition of heat elements placed along the massage chair’s design in strategic parts such as the neck and back regions. Heat helps to loosen and relax tense muscles.

With the muscles relaxed, tension and knots built up over time are alleviated. Heat is the perfect remedy for tension and stress. The application of heat to ease pressure and pain is a technique that’s been used for centuries in ancient Rome and China.

The Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs With Heating Options in Australia

Below is a roundup of six of the best shiatsu massage chairs available in the market.

Brand – Best Massage
Model – Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner With Heat And Long Rail 161
Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

This shiatsu massage chair with heating options incorporates features such as:

  • An OPTO sensor device that allows the massage chair to find the user’s shoulders and adjust to different heights.
  • The massage chair features multiple massage options
  • Roller scraping for the entire foot.

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Brand – Kahuna
Model – LM6800 – Space-Saving, Zero-Gravity, Full-Body With Yoga & Heating Therapy
Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

This shiatsu massage chair with heating options comes packed with an array of features which include:

  • L-track
  • Vibration therapy options
  • Auto YOGA stretching function and Kyro functions
  • Three-stage Zero Gravity function
  • 3D body scan technology that allows the chair to detect your body size for an individual custom fit massage experience.
  • Also included in the package is a 3-year warranty.

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Brand – Osaki
Model – OS-4000 – Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair
Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

The OS-400 features such advancements as

  • 5 Intensity Massage Levels and Seat Vibration Massage
  • Full Sized Easy-to-Use Remote controller
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • NASA-Inspired 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning feature.

Brand – Medical Breakthrough
Model – 4 Massage Recliner – Zero Gravity, Built-in Heat, Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage, and Back Stretch.
Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

This massage chair is a medical/shiatsu massage chair with heating options comes with features that include:

  • Unlimited customization options
  • Chiropractic Back Stretch made possible by inflatable airbags and zero gravity positioning.

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Brand Real Relax
Model –  Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system with Heater.

Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heating Options

This model features eight massage points. Built inside the backrest alongside 50 airbags that give you a therapeutic, full body massage. Other features include heating options and a warranty and service guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Brand – Panasonic
Model – MA73T – EP Real Pro Luxury Heated Massage Chair, Ultra Prestige 3D

Heating Options For A Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP features include:

  • 10 soothing Ultra Knead Junetsu massage techniques, which help to relax tight muscles. Other functions include
  • multi-directional thermal massage rollers,
  • 3D massage feature, designed to replicate intricate Shiatsu massage techniques.
  • The best feature of the Panasonic EP real Pro shiatsu massage chair with heating options, is a combination of 6 automatic massage programs.
  • Customizable up to 110 manual combinations of either Shiatsu, knead, ultra-knead, Swedish and rolling or tapping.