Inada Dreamwave Review in 2024

Our Inada Dreamwave review in 2024 will highlight all of the benefits and features packed into this massage chair.

The best part?

The Inada Dreamwave delivers the best arm massage on the market.

That’s not all…

We have included an indepth pros and cons list outlining what is great with this massage chair and what doesn’t stack up.

Most importantly,

Is it worth the price? Leaving you with the confidence to decide whether or not this is the massage chair for you.

Inada Dreamwave Review

The Inada Dreamwave, simply put, is a masterpiece of engineering. It is a pinnacle of forward-thinking design, technology, and massage therapy.

The Inada Company is a highly respected manufacturer of premium massage chairs with 56 years of experience. Inada invented the very first automatic shiatsu massage chair.

So, it is only fitting that we provide an Inada Dreamwave review so you can experience their expertise for yourself.

Based in Osaka, the company has gone on to win a parade of awards for the exquisite quality and top-notch performance of its massage chairs.

Your decision to purchase the Inada Dreamwave massage chair is a big move on your part, and so considering the decision at hand to purchase this massage chair, it is only right that you get a thorough Inada Dreamwave review beforehand.

Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave Review

Without much ado, let’s jump right into the specifications. The Inada Dreamwave review reveals that the massage chair comes in the following dimensions;

Inada Dreamwave Specifications

  • This premium massage chair weighs a total of 265 pounds.
  • The Inada Dreamwave has a total power consumption of 140 watts.
  • The massage chair is upholstered in synthetic leather available in cream, dark brown, red, black, and also true black
  • A comprehensive, 360-degree forearm airbag coverage.
  • This chair can accommodate tall users with heights ranging from 5 feet to 6’5”.
  • The maximum recline angle for the Inada Dreamwave is 170 degrees with dimensions measuring 38 inches wide, 83 inches wide and 30 inches high. The main body dimensions measure 37 inches in width, 48 inches in height and 55 inches in length.

The Inada Dreamwave review wouldn’t be complete without mention of the types of massages offered. These are as below:

Types Of Massage The Inada Dreamwave Provides

The Dreamwave features a broad array of massage options that are as follows. The Inada Dreamwave review will reveal some features that make this model especially relevant when seeking a massage chair.

Full Arm Massage:

The Dreamwave features 20 air cells built into the design along the arm region. This allows the chair to rhythmically massage your arms in a series of science-based sequences of movements.

Arm massage has more benefits than one, apart from revitalizing your arms, a full arm massage is an excellent way to revitalize and get your lymphatic system moving.

Shiatsu Massage:

Shiatsu massages can be used to treat a wide range of musculo-skeletal, and emotional conditions.

It is believed to reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, and directly influence the nervous system.

The Inada Dreamwave features a series of strategically placed airbags that deliver a therapeutic Shiatsu massage experience to the user, henceforth aiding in positive all-round health benefits.

With over 100 airbags, the Dreamwave delivers a wholesome Shiatsu experience that is unmatched. The chair is equipped with optical sensors which enable it to locate the user’s meridians and vital points.

Full Body Stretch:

The Inada Dreamwave comes complete with a stretch function that incorporates extension, flexion and gentle rotational stretching of problematic areas such as the mid back, hips, and the shoulders.

Full Body Massage:

The full body massage feature is where the Inada Dreamwave excels best.The chair is equipped with 3D body scanners, allowing an optimized full body massage depending on the user’s body dimensions.

With 101 airbags and varying intensity levels you can settle for anything between a relaxing gentle massage to an intense Shiatsu massage, which consequently makes for the perfect massage companion.

The Inada Dreamwave Review also includes an array of other features offered by this model. These are as follows;

Superior Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave

But Wait There’s More Features

Heat Function

The heated massage function is a welcome addition to the Inada Dreamwave massage chair. It aims to address issues centering on acute or chronic pain conditions.

The infrared heating function eases the chronic lower back pain, neck pain, PMS and so on. Heat helps to relieve tension in muscles thereby alleviating chronic pain.

Air Massage

The Inada Dreamwave features a staggering 101 second-generation airbags. There is nothing else quite like the Dreamwave in the market and no other massage chair can deliver a massage experience like the Dreamwave chair.

The massage chair allows the user to adjust the air pressure. It also has separate controls for shoulder, seat, arm, and foot airbags, with an option of selectively activating all the airbags or only the ones you need.

Custom Features

Another excellent feature that the Inada DreamWave massage chair packs, is the fact that the Ottoman has an extension module.

It allows the chair to accommodate users that are up to 6’5” tall. Average massage chairs accommodate users that are up to 6’3” tall and no more.

Remote Control

The chair comes equipped with a remote control device that is well designed. The options are laid out in a simple, logical manner.

The truth is, there’s so much that this chair is designed to do. This means that it requires some bit of learning to master all of the features.

Inada Dreamwave Review - Deluxe Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity feature on this massage chair model is a no-brainer. As you might expect from a top-of-the-line massage chair, it comes included with a zero-G feature.

The concept of Zero Gravity borrows heavily from the weightless effect astronauts experience in space.

The Dreamwave massage chair equipped with the zero gravity function, places the user’s body in a gravity-neutral position, lowering the heart rate, reducing tension and consequently boosting healthy circulation.

3D Body Scan

3D Body scanning technology allows the Inada Dreamwave massage chair to locate the user’s body’s pressure points.

The chair then makes subtle adjustments to the rollers and massage heads to enhance the massage experience. The feature is particularly crucial for shiatsu massage.

Best Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Review

Inada Dreamwave Pros And Cons

The Inada Dreamwave review sheds light on this massage chair that is based on an older design model called the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair.

The company threw in a few design modifications, color options and feature to give rise to the newer variant. Below is a roundup of the pros and cons to summarize the Inada Dreamwave Review.


  • The Inada Dreamwave is a deluxe massage chair that is well worth its price. The features built into the chair place it among the best in the market.
  • The fact that this chair allows user customization adds to its versatility. Not that many massage chairs are built to accommodate varying body sizes and heights, so this is a great feature of the Inada Dreamwave.
  • The Inada Dreamwave is equipped with 101 airbags which in turn deliver an unrivaled massage experience. Coupled with varying intensity levels, the Dreamwave is capable of unprecedented performance that characterizes chairs in its class.
  • The 3D body scan feature is especially vital for the shiatsu massage. It also combines an infrared heating feature that helps to alleviate chronic pain making it a superior massage chair.



  • No Temperature Control: The chair doesn’t offer users any temperature control options.
  • No MP3 Support – Despite the manufacturer going to lengths to include a pocket to hold your smartphone. The massage chair offers absolutely no MP3 support. Music is in other models an essential part of massage therapy.

Tested Massage Chair - Inada Dreamwave Review

Warranty And Price

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair fits into the deluxe massage chair category. It goes for a retail price of $$$$.  As well as this great price for the product, the manufacturer offers comprehensive three-year limited parts and labor warranty period.

Inada Dreamwave reviews anywhere will tell you that this chair is well worth the price.

Inada Dreamwave Review in 2024 Summary

In summary, the Inada Dreamwave review has spelled it clear that the chair mentioned here is a masterpiece. The quality of the massage chair is excellent. With top of the line features such as 3D body scan and infrared heating options.

The chair is highly recommended for anyone seeking a therapeutic massage. Especially, after a long day or simply to relieve back pain and body aches.

All in all, the Inada Dreamwave review in 2024 brings to light information that will allow you, the buyer, to make an informed choice.