Deluxe Massage Chairs in Australia

Deluxe massage chairs are the pinnacles of massage chairs. In this article the basic features that every deluxe massage chair should have are highlighted and their benefits explained.

The best part?

We have also included the features that only deluxe massage chairs have and why you are paying a premium for these superior massage chairs.

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Included is our top 3 deluxe massage chair brands. The brands that have the best features, are quality assured and most importantly deliver the best massage possible.


Deluxe Massage Chair - What Is It


What Are The Benefits Of Deluxe Massage Chairs

A massage chair is a wonderful device for anyone seeking a therapeutic, relaxing session or relief from any form of muscle pain. It can and has successfully been used in place of usual massage therapy professionals.

A Deluxe massage chair is the pinnacle of forward-thinking design, technology, and massage therapy.

Conditions such as sports injuries, neck and back pain, high blood pressure, depression and even stress respond well to a massage session on a deluxe massage chair.

Most of the deluxe massage chair range have been FDA approved.

The decision to purchase a deluxe massage chair is a significant investment, one that should not be taken lightly.


Best Deluxe Massage Chair on the Market


What To Expect From A Deluxe Massage Chair

Having a massage chair in the comfort of your own home allows you to enjoy the health-boosting benefits of a massage whenever you need one. So, what features should you look forward to in a deluxe massage chair? Let’s take a look below.



Deluxe massage chairs offer a wide variety of features designed to help put your body at ease. These features include, but certainly, are not limited to: rolling, kneading, shiatsu, vibration.

A complete menu of pre-programmed functions, a heating function and other similarly essential functions such as Zero Gravity.



In addition to varying massage styles, deluxe massage chairs work on different massage areas other than your back.

The perfect deluxe massage chair should offer both leg and foot massages and even arm and wrist massages in some models.

These options are delivered via airbags, massage heads, or rollers placed throughout the chair.



Massage airbags are a standard feature of most deluxe massage chairs. They offer powerful relief from tension and stiffness.

The feature works by delivering bursts of pressurized air to small pockets located on the back, sides, and legs of the massage chair. The airbags, when inflated, compress your muscles, which helps to stimulate blood flow easing any pain.


Zero Gravity

Most high-end massage chairs offer various reclining options, some of which include the highly acclaimed Zero Gravity. The concept of Zero Gravity is borrowed from the weightless effect astronauts experience in space.

A deluxe massage chair with the zero gravity function places the user’s body in a gravity-neutral position. Efficiently lowering the heart rate, reducing tension and consequently boosting healthy circulation.

Deluxe Massage Chair - Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Review


Deluxe Massage Chair Price

Deluxe massage chairs range in price anywhere from $5000 up to $12000. The broad spectrum of prices is dictated by the different features incorporated in each model.

Deluxe massage chairs that go for $5000 to $12000 incorporate a decent number of airbags, motors, and rollers. Delivering you an extensive range of massage movements.

The Best quality massage chair offered by manufacturers in this price bracket cover the entirety of the body. This includes the back, legs, arms and the neck. The models that fall into this class offers both heated massages and zero gravity reclining features.

They also feature a plethora of individual features and customizations that are aimed at enhancing your massage and relaxation experience.


Deluxe Brands You Should Consider

There are several Superior massage chair manufacturers in the market. A quick comparison of their features, functions, and prices will reveal the differences that set them apart. And also some fundamental similarities that bring them together.

Brands such as Inada, Luraco and Globeride Incorporated’s Daiwa brand have made quite a mark on the deluxe massage chair scene.

The brands mentioned are the Best home massage chair makers. They offer the best returns on your money in terms of quality, reliability, and most importantly performance.

Differences in price depend on minor details such as the upholstery material, number of airbags and so on.


Warranty And Quality

Massage Chair manufacturers and dealers recognize the fact that any deluxe massage chair purchased will likely bear a lot of use. Therefore, it is only right that a warranty should accompany the sale of a deluxe massage chair.

In some rare instances, massage chairs may require maintenance to ensure that they continue running smoothly and in peak condition.

The top three mentioned brands all offer competitive warranty deals on all purchases made on deluxe massage chairs. Further demonstrating their commitment to quality.

So next time you head out to get your next deluxe massage chair keep the names Inada, Luraco technologies and Daiwa in your mind.


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