How To Improve Circulation in Legs With These 6 Easy Tips

Knowing how to improve circulation in legs helps a lot in keeping your body on track. Imagine you are sleeping in the middle of the night when a sudden painful surprise has hurt your leg. Yes, it’s a leg cramp.  Here are 6 tips to improve your leg circulation.

A leg cramp is one of the effects of poor blood circulation. Blood is like a fuel that enables the body to move and to function, as it brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Health issues such as diabetes, cholesterol disorder, and obesity can cause poor blood circulation.  Another cause for poor circulation is when veins cannot deliver blood from parts of the body, like legs, then into the heart. 

Also, unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet, prolonged standing or sitting, and lack of exercise contributes to the interruption of blood circulation. 

How To Improve Circulation in Legs

To youngsters who are busy with stuff and to adults focusing on their work, they often forget that our legs and feet are being taken for granted.

How are we able to improve circulation in legs? Here are some tips you can do:


Let your legs walk.

Walking is the most convenient exercise that requires little effort to perform. A 5-minute walk everyday is enough to help the legs improve their blood circulation. So, walk as if you have won a title crown! 


Water is power.

Of course, water does not just quench our thirst, but it makes our blood more fluidly driven. Water prevents blood from getting thick that does not let it flow smoothly. Thus, if you want your blood to slide and glide, drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday.


Stretch your legs out.

If you feel uncomfortable to walk around or go outside due to bad weather or any inconvenience, you may still perform simple leg stretching in your work spot, home corner, or anywhere else you prefer. You may spread your legs and stretch your toes. You may also tilt your ankles from up and down. A simple stretch is an easy fetch. 


Sit properly and comfortably.

It is common for us to sit often for us to be comfortable in doing our daily tasks at home, school, work, or any public places. However, improper position and prolonged inactive movement can trigger poor blood circulation. It is better not to cross our legs and make the right balanced position to be seated, instead. 


Place your legs higher than your heart.

It really helps for easier blood flow back to the heart. You may use a pillow placed on your back as you lay down to elevate your legs. Do this during nap time or TV time. 


Be a healthy eater.

Choose food that would benefit your heart health and blood circulation. These include tuna and avocado which have omega-3 fatty acids, citrus fruits with vitamin C nutrients, and leafy vegetables which contain vitamin E. Also, it is important to avoid junk/unhealthy food like processed frozen meat and fast food products.


Give yourself time for a massage. 

One more helpful way to improve circulation in legs is through massage therapy. It promotes relaxation to your tense muscles and improves maximum flexibility. You can hire the best therapist or find the perfect massage chair for your needs. The health benefits massage can do also include reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing immunity.


Remember that legs are our driving force to our daily lives, and so we shall always take care of them and give the blood circulation they deserve. With these tips that are easy and effortlessly done, you’ll be sure you will not have an interrupting leg cramp while having your dreams!